Features & Benefits

LAT provides an end to end solution including; design, deployment, full suite of products, micro duct, fibre, equipment and sundries. Maintenace, splicing, testing and training.

Specialized Micro Trench Cutting Head

In 2017, Lite Access Technologies partnered exclusively with a European manufacturer to create a unique, customized cutting blade for fibre-optic cable installations. Mounted onto a highflow Bobcat or skid steer, the Lite Access Cutting Head with front cutter and shark blade enables an ‘up cut’ that is pushed (rather than pulled) through infrastructure. This method creates far less ‘hopping’ of the blade and makes a cleaner, quicker more consistent incision during Micro Trench and Narrow Trenching.

LAT’s ‘Trench Head’ can move side to side and swivel to accommodate sidewalks or other deployment anomalies. The tips of our shark blade are easily replaced, and lasts years, not days or weeks like wet saws used in the past.