Our Specialized Micro trench and Air Blown fibre Equipment

Recognized as an industry expert for micro and narrow trench installations, Lite Access has successfully designed and manufactured unique cutting heads and blades that have been used to deploy thousands of kilometers of micro/narrow trench installations, globally.  Being able to offer depths ranging between 12 and 36 inches and through varied infrastructures and including complete restoration options differentiates the Lite Access ‘Way” from the competition.  Lite Access not only offers equipment but also provides training and references to assist with clients looking for alternate solutions and approvals from governing bodies. 

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Scott Grant – VP Sales
Lite Access Technologies Inc.

Air Blown fibre Equipment

The Breeze Cable Blowing Machine has been designed to meet the growing need for micro cable installation (FTTx). It can move micro fiber cable of 0.1 to 0.315 in. (2.5 to 8.0 mm) diameter at speeds up to164 ft./min. (50 m/min.) into pre-installed micro duct.

Our Specialized Micro trench

Our unique, customized cutting blade and attachment has been designed for Micro-duct deployments in various infrastructures. It is mounted onto a highflow front loader or skid steer machine and the cutting head with its Shark Blade enables

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