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Lite Access offers a comprehensive list of fibre optic solutions including direct bury, direct install, aerial, fibre cables and internal products.  Notwithstanding is our ability to provide customized solutions that have been deployed on a global level and for many high profile clients.  Understanding when the need for alternate solutions is required and being able to have manufactured proven technological innovations, Lite Access is a world leader in providing the most cost effective and future proof solutions available.

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Scott Grant – VP Sales
Lite Access Technologies Inc.

Direct Bury

This robust and simple Micro-duct solution can be installed quickly using a variety of deployment methods. It’s exceptional strength and crush resistance make it a durable and tough solution. Easy installations and customizabl…

Aerial Micro-duct Products

Lite Access’ aerial Micro-ducts come in two types: Steel and fiberglass reinforced. Fibre-optic Micro-ducts are fully non-metallic with GPR strength member. Lite Access’ Aerial Micro-ducts allows for seamless…

Fibre Optic Mini-cable

Lite Access Technologies custom Mini-cable product is designed to be blown into Micro-ducts with an outer coating that provides excellent dimensional and thermal stability. Mini-cable configurations use Corning or Corning compatible SMF G657A1 bend insensitive fibre…

Low Fire Hazard (LFH)

For low fire hazard indoor products, including Plenum rated Micro-ducts, offer low friction performance suitable for fibre blowing. The LFH material protects the fibre-optic cable assembly and meets most indoor fire regulations, including the International Electrotechnical Commission…

Lite Access Specialty

A Micro-duct solution with proprietary aluminum wrap that provides traceability and increases tensile strength. LTE Specialty products can be deployed in a wide range of methods including Micro Trenching. It is ideal for a variety of projects including connectivity to cell…

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