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Lite Access Technologies is a world leader in Air-Blown Fibre and Micro-duct installation methodologies. Our teams are guided by experienced project managers, re-designing, re-engineering and building new technologies to bring ultra high-speed fibre-optics to communities all over the globe.

Fibre-optic networks are the future, and offer near limitless potential. We build the networks and develop the partnerships, helping clients access funding and supplying solutions for current and future demands. As a complete solutions provider that supports clients through all aspects of building and maintaining a network, we are innovating for tomorrow, today.

Specialized Micro Trench Cutting Head

In 2017, Lite Access Technologies partnered exclusively with a European manufacturer to create a unique, customized cutting blade for fibre-optic cable installations. Mounted onto a highflow Bobcat or skid steer, the Lite Access Cutting Head with front cutter and shark blade enables an ‘up cut’ that is pushed (rather than pulled) through infrastructure. This method creates far less ‘hopping’ of the blade and makes a cleaner, quicker more consistent incision during Micro Trench and Narrow Trenching.

LTE’s ‘Trench Head’ can move side to side and swivel to accommodate sidewalks or other deployment anomalies. The tips of our shark blade are easily replaced, and lasts years, not days or weeks like wet saws used in the past.

The Breeze Fibre-Optic Cable Blowing Machine

The Blowing Machine is designed to enable fibre-optic cables to be added quickly and cost effectively to Micro-duct networks at any time. Blowing equipment allows us to meet the need for FTTx installations for Lite Access and other fibre companies around the world. The Breeze Fibre-optic Blowing Machine is the only machine on the market that enables 2-288 fibre-optic to be blown using a single machine.

Trenching Methods

Micro Trenching and Narrow Trenching Overview

The two most popular methods to install fibre-optic cables are Micro Trenching and Narrow Trenching. This allows Micro-ducts to safely and quickly be laid with minimal disruption to the infrastructure. Micro-ducts are placed directly into a trench in existing asphalt, concrete, modular, block paved or soft infrastructure. Which solution is optimal for you depends on your fibre-optic requirements and municipal regulations. Telco approved access chambers can be installed along the designated route, or existing handholes and/or manholes can be incorporated into the network.

Micro Trenching

3.5 cm (1 1/2”) to 7.5 cm (3”) Wide up to 30 cm (12”) Maximum Depth

A Micro Trench installation is fast, affordable and non-invasive, perfect for cost-efficient projects and municipalities where a shallow installation is acceptable. We recommend a depth of no less than 30 cm in hard deployments or 25 cm of depth in soft infrastructure, but pre-defined municipal standards are always taken into account.

Narrow Trenching

30 cm (12”) to 45 cm (18”) Wide up to 90 cm (36”) Maximum Depth

The Narrow Trench installation is deeper and wider, where municipalities require a greater depth or where terrain conditions require. The width of any trench depends on the Micro-duct configuration and the strand count requirement, usually between 6 cm & 15 cm. Narrow Trenching is commonly used for backbone fibre applications and utility installations.

Fibre Optic Cable Blowing & Splicing

Using state of the art equipment and procedures, Lite Access provides splicing and blowing of fibre-optic cable by our ETA certified team members with years of experience. We strive to ensure optimal performance of your network by seamlessly upgrading or augmenting your systems with the best industry tools and proven procedures.

  • Long Haul/Commercial Splicing & Testing
  • Blowing Fibre (2-288 Strands)
  • Single Mode Ribbon Fibre-optic Cable Splicing & Documentation
  • Optical Power Metre Testing
  • OTDR Testing & Troubleshooting
  • Remote Location Expertise

Lite Access Technologies

A total integrated solutions provider with emphasis on the customer experience, specializing in the most innovative and flexible solutions for all types of telecom requirements