Lite Access Technologies

A total integrated solutions provider with emphasis on the customer experience, specializing in the most innovative and flexible solutions for all types of telecom requirements.

What we do

Innovating For Tomorrow, Today

Recognized as an industry leader possessing years fo experience in the telecommunications space, Lite Access offerstotal integrated solutions for all types of telecom requirements.  Beginning with a comprehensive project analysis to engineering, design and permitting, Lite Access proudly offers a full compliment of aerial and underground construction methodologies including splicing, testing and maintenance.


Markets We Serve

Lite Access Technologies works with a wide range of businesses and governments, across military, industry and community. We help to provide broadband, fibre-optic solutions for every need, ensuring a brighter and faster future, through innovative, non-invasive and reliable solutions. Lite Access provides both product and installation solutions, putting fibre within reach for everyone, everywhere.

Point to Point Networks

Healthcare Networks

First Nations Communities

Municipal & Regional Governments


Ensuring the most cost-effective, quickest-to-deploy and least intrusive methods possible, Lite Access provides the best strategy to meet your needs, budget and deadlines.

Our Products

Lite Access offers a comprehensive list of fibre optic solutions including direct bury, direct install, aerial, fibre cables and internal products. Notwithstanding is our ability to provide customized solutions that have been deployed on a global level and for many high profile clients. Understanding when the need for alternate solutions is required and being able to have manufactured proven technological innovations, Lite Access is a world leader in providing the most cost effective and future proof solutions available.

Our Equipment

Recognized as an industry expert for micro and narrow trench installations, Lite Access has successfully designed and manufactured unique cutting heads and blades that have been used to deploy thousands of kilometers of micro/narrow trench installations, globally. Being able to offer depths ranging between 12 and 36 inches and through varied infrastructures and including complete restoration options differentiates the Lite Access ‘Way” from the competition. Lite Access not only offers equipment but also provides training and references to assist with clients looking for alternate solutions and approvals from governing bodies.

Micro/Narrow Trench Experts

Recognized as a world leader in micro and narrow trench installations, Lite Access has designed and installed broadband connectivity for many high-profile clients throughout the globe. Having invested years of research and design into the development of the most efficient and non-invasive equipment and product sets have enabled us with end-to-end solutions that have are recognized as the solution of choice for broadband connectivity.


Lite Access is proud to be strategically partnered with capable and highly experienced organizations including Ironman Directional Drilling and VFH Productions.  By forming mutually beneficial technology relationships not only enables all parties with shared resources leading to seamless knowledge transfer but also helps to accelerate aggressive growth strategies necessary for the growing telecom industry.

Having vested interest in each partner ensures non-competing businesses share the risks and rewards and together make ongoing contributions in strategic areas that will enable success for all parties involved.  At Lite Access, we are proud of our partnerships and the results achieved in becoming a leading total integrated technology solution provider delivering innovative, competitive, and futuristic turnkey solutions.

Lite Access Technologies

A total integrated solutions provider with emphasis on the customer experience, specializing in the most innovative and flexible solutions for all types of telecom requirements

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